Sage Lakes Golf Course

Sage Lakes, the newest addition to the Idaho Falls public golf courses, is a very popular course located on the north side of Idaho Falls.   The course is a Championship facility with generous fairways and greens, numerous beautiful water features, and bunkers.   The course has a large driving range with additional practice areas for short game improvement.  Sage Lakes is easy to walk and has a excellent view of the Eastern Idaho Upper Snake River Valley.

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Sage Lakes Golf Course Hole-by-Hole Flyovers

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Course History

In the beginning, the site for Sage Lakes was very flat; 1/2 to 1 % grade with the Progressive Canal bisecting the property. Other irrigation ditches were also a factor in the design solution. With various water sources available to the site, it was vital to utilize each source and direct them to a central pumping lake.  The land was owned by Dale Mickelsen & Tim Jenkins who donated the entire parcel of land (128 acres) to the City of Idaho Falls.

There were several design goals. First, to design an eighteen hole golf course which would be a fair test for the good player yet forgiving for the less gifted player. Secondly, the course must serve the City’s needs as well as the developer’s needs since the developer contributed a large portion of the land for the golf course. Finally, the design must start and finish at a Tower Road location.

The Sage Lakes Golf Course incorporates several key features in its design

  • The character of Sage Lakes is its Scottish Links appearance with a few water hazards added.
  • Multiple tees provide each golfer a strategic test of their ability. The teeing surface area is large enough to accommodate the expected rounds per month without causing undue wear. Multiple tees varies the yardage from 5,000 yards to 6,800 yards, playing to a Par 70.
  • Moderately sized greens are large enough to disperse the wear of heavy play.
  • Greens are moderately contoured to help speed of play.
  • The rotation of the golf holes are ideally oriented to the sun, again speeding up play.
  • Clubhouse location splits traffic patterns, both incoming and outgoing.
  • Practice Range faces south from the Regular Tee and north from the lesson tee which is ideal.
  • Hazards and features, such as grass bunkers, are place to be a test for the scratch golfer and fair to the avid and beginning golfers.

Through the bidding process, Huppert Brothers Construction and Millcreek Gardens were the successful contractors. Huppert was in charge of rough grading, drainage and irrigation. Millcreek was assigned the finish grading and planting.

The greatest asset to this project was attitude. The City of Idaho Falls has, without a doubt, was a most enthusiastic, cooperative, and supportive group. The City was totally committed to this project and was eager to fulfill that obligation to completion.

The naming of Sage Lakes came about from an idea by City Councilman Melvin Erickson. Sage Elementary School, located on the northwestern part of the golf course property, along with the eleven lakes located on the course itself, gave him the idea to name this new course Sage Lakes. Through Golf Advisory Board approval, the Idaho Falls City Council approved the new name.  The first and current PGA Head Professional is Gaylen Denning.  The first and current Golf Course Superintendent is Daren Bowman.   The Director of Construction and a key motivator for the entire project was the Manager of the City of Idaho Falls Golf Courses, Chuck Deming.

We thank the following dignitaries for their vision and support in the building and implementation of Sage Lakes golf course.

Mayor Thomas Campbell 1978

Golf Course Council Chairman Melvin Erickson

Councilman Art Chandler, Ralph Wood, Gary Mills, Wes Deist, Joseph Groeberg, Larry Carlson, Sam Sakaguchi, and Linda Milam

USGA Course Ratings

Gold Men (Back)
  • Course Rating: 71.1
  • Bogey Rating: 94.5
  • Slope Rating: 126
Blue Men (Middle)
  • Course Rating: 66.7
  • Bogey Rating: 87.2
  • Slope Rating: 110
White Men (Middle)
  • Course Rating: 66.7
  • Bogey Rating: 87.2
  • Slope Rating: 110
Red Men (Forward)
  • Course Rating: 63.1
  • Bogey Rating: 82.2
  • Slope Rating: 103
Blue Women (Back)
  • Course Rating: 74.8
  • Bogey Rating: 106.2
  • Slope Rating: 133
White Women (Middle)
  • Course Rating: 71.6
  • Bogey Rating: 101.5
  • Slope Rating: 127
Red Women (Forward)
  • Course Rating: 67.4
  • Bogey Rating: 94.8
  • Slope Rating: 116