Sand Creek Golf Course

Sand Creek, one of the most popular courses in Eastern Idaho, is an 18 hole Championship golf facility that is fun to play for all abilities.   It has a driving range and a 6-hole Par 3 Short Course for new and avid golfers to hone their skills.   The regulation course features generous fairways and greens and is easy to walk.

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Sand Creek Golf Course Hole-by-Hole Flyovers

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Course History

Sand Creek golf course is an eighteen hole golf course, located one mile south of Sunnyside Road at the intersection of Hitt and Township Roads in Bonneville County, three miles south and two miles west from the Ammon City Hall and seven miles north and three miles east of the City of Shelley. The location of the course makes it accessible to over 100,000 people. The legal status of the land is owned by the City of Idaho Falls.

Due to the popularity of the game and the fact that Pinecrest was the only course in Idaho Falls, the need to build Sandcreek was made.   The City Council authorized William P. Bell and Son, Golf Course Architect, to design Sand Creek Golf Course on June 25, 1970. Charles Deming, Golf Course Superintendent/Manager, was appointed by the City Council as Construction Director.

The original estimated cost of construction of Sand Creek was $530,000. Mr. Ernie Craner, Director of Parks and Recreation for the City of Idaho Falls, submitted the Sand Creek Golf Course project to the Bureau of Outdoor Recreation for 50% matching funds. In May of 1972, the City of Idaho Falls received approval for the Federal Funding for construction.

Building Sand Creek as originally designed on the large sand dunes was determined to be too costly.  As a result, Chuck Deming re-designed the course so that that it was built away from the sand dunes.

Federal Construction Company was awarded the contract for construction. The Engineering and Public Works Division of the City of Idaho Falls contributed time and services continuously during construction.  The 116th Engineering Battalion (National Guard Unit), headquartered in Idaho Falls, donated time for the building of bridges, leveling and grading. Matching funds ($346,496.00) were paid by the City of Idaho Falls and Bonneville County. Private companies and golf association members donated services and equipment. The total cost of construction was $721,880.47.

Sand Creek Golf Course is truly a championship facility. Mr. William Bengevfield, Western Director of the United State Golf Association’s Green Section stated in 1975, “The rolling sand dunes, the abundance of water, the excellent soils and the proximity to town and tourists alike, make Sand Creek one of the potentially great golf courses in the west”.

The Sand Creek golf course official dedication was June 27, 1980. The course was named by Chuck Deming and Mel Erickson.  The first Superintendent was James Schwartzenberger followed by the current Superintendent Tim Lohse.  The first PGA Head Professional was Jack Elliott and was followed by the current PGA Head Professional John Graham.   We thank the following dignitaries for their vision and support in the building and implementation of Sand Creek golf course.

Mayor S. Eddie Pedersen 1964-1978 and Mayor Thomas Campbell 1978

Golf Course Council Chairman Melvin Erickson

Councilman Jim Freeman, Gordon Nelson, Dale Parrish, Paul Hovey, Ralph Wood, Sam Sakaguchi, Charles Clark, Lynn Smith, Jack Wood Jr., Gilbert Karst, and Norris Gesas.

County Commissioners Art Detrick, Leo Clawson, and Artel Suitter

USGA Course Ratings

Blue Men (Middle)
  • Course Rating: 70.7
  • Bogey Rating: 92.1
  • Slope Rating: 115
White Women (Middle)
  • Course Rating: 75.0
  • Bogey Rating: 105.0
  • Slope Rating: 128
White Men (Middle)
  • Course Rating: 68.9
  • Bogey Rating: 90.2
  • Slope Rating: 115
Red Women (Forward)
  • Course Rating: 71.9
  • Bogey Rating: 100.4
  • Slope Rating: 121
Red Men (Forward)
  • Course Rating: 66.4
  • Bogey Rating: 86.3
  • Slope Rating: 108