Policies & Guidelines

Everyone must register before starting play

Golf Course Hours of Operation

Open @ Sunrise; Closed 30 min after Sundown.

Tee Time Reservations

Reservations are not required but are accepted up to three (3) days in advance. To book a reservation you can either call the Golf Shop directly or make your time using our on-line reservation system. Internet reservations require a credit card number for non Season Pass Holders (your credit card will NOT be charged unless you no-show).   Walk-ons are always welcome but it would be wise to ensure that the course you wish to play does not have an event scheduled.  Details about our tee time reservations are as follow:

  • Starting times will be taken three (3) days in advance starting at the time published at the clubhouse (start time will vary based on daylight hours). A person may either book a time on our internet booking site, call the Golf Shop, or walk in for times. Times will be given in the golf shop on a rotation basis – one phone call followed by one walk-in, etc.
  • Groups less than four (4) will be made into foursomes whenever possible especially on our busy days.
  • May not reserve more than two times, except for special events.
  • If your group is larger than two groups, call the golf shop to arrange your outing.
  • Walk-in’s are welcome and will be paired up whenever possible.

Cancellations and No-Shows

We appreciate your courtesy in notifying us as soon as possible prior to your tee time for any changes or cancellations.

Electrical Thunderstorms

All persons entering the golf course and practice areas are assuming the inherent risks of golf. These risks include but are not limited to serious bodily injury or death from stray balls, clubs, inclement weather and irregular landscapes, and damage to property from natural elements or actions of others.

Electrical Thunderstorms represent a serious threat to life.  When this type of storm threatens, immediately discontinue play or practice and take shelter or other appropriate precautions.  Ensure that your golf clubs are not near you; they have the potential to attract lightning.   If you cannot find adequate shelter (our courses do provide several shelters and restrooms sprinkled throughout the golf course), seek safety by avoiding open areas, water, metal, wire fences, overhead wires or power lines, isolated trees, elevated ground, machinery and golf carts.   Players should seek sheltered areas such as a Clubhouse, maintenance building, on-course building, automobile, dense woods or low-lying areas.  It is solely the decision of the golfer as to the safety of a weather situation. All golfers stopping play due to threatening weather have the right to continue from where they stopped when they determine it is safe to return. To ensure this right, golfers must advise the golf shop staff of their intentions.

In addition, our golf Shop Staff MAY sound a warning signal form an air horn of one long blast which indicates that staff has observed a threatening weather situation (lightning, severe wind, or other dangers) and patrons must immediately suspend play and seek shelter.  This decision will be based on available weather reports and an objective appraisal of the weather conditions.  This warning is not intended to replace the responsibility of the golfer in determining the safety of the weather situation.   Play may not resume until the Golf Staff sounds the “all-clear” signal of two short blasts from the air horn.

Rain Checks

Rain checks will be issued to golfers who are forced to abandon their play during a round due to unexpected inclement weather. In this case, golfers can receive a credit towards the amount of golf not played, redeemable through the end of the current season. No cash refunds.

No rain checks will be issued for golfers teeing off in questionable weather (questionable weather does not include electrical thunderstorms).

Dress Code

All patrons, both golfers and non-golfers, must wear shirts, shoes (no metal spikes), and appropriate attire while on the golf course property. Thank you for your adherence to this policy.

Kids under the Age of 12 who are playing golf

Children playing golf under the age of 12 are generally not allowed on the Golf course unless accompanied by a responsible adult.   The Golf Professional Staff may grant exceptions to this rule for younger players who follow the rules and can maintain the proper pace of play.

Non-Playing Patrons or Spectators

For reasons of Safety, Non-playing children under the age of eight (8) are not allowed (*see exceptions under “More Information”).

For reasons of Safety, Non-Playing Patrons (spectators) over the age of eight (8) are not allowed on our regulation sized golf courses unless they can demonstrate that they understand and are fully aware of all safety and general etiquette rules common to the game of golf and must follow all rules of etiquette, golf cart rules and regulations, and other course policies.   If violations occur, non-playing patrons agree to be removed from premises with no refunds for any payments made. In addition, at the discretion of the golf management, spectator access may be limited or denied due to play volume, limited marshalling staff, or other circumstances (as we may be unable to monitor safety concerns for this rule).  Players are advised to call in advance as to the certainty of access regarding non-playing spectators.

More Information

*Non-playing children under the age of eight (8) exception:   The Golf Professional Staff may grant exceptions to this rule provided that their responsible parent fully agrees to have said children follow all rules of etiquette, golf cart rules and regulations, and other course policies.  If violations occur, said children and parent agree to be removed from premises with no refunds.   In addition, at the discretion of the golf management, spectator access may be limited or denied due to play volume, limited marshalling staff, or other circumstances (as we may be unable to monitor safety concerns for this rule).  Players are advised to call in advance as to the certainty of access regarding non-playing children.

Set of Clubs and Bag

All players must have (or rent) their own set of clubs, bag, and other necessary equipment.


Pets are not allowed on the golf course premises (except for Service Animals).

Golf Carts & Other Modes of Transportation

All personal transportation vehicles (whether for people or gear) allowed on the golf course must be rented from and supplied by the facility except for those that are approved by management such as manual & electric push carts for carrying golf equipment.  Personal transportation vehicles include but are not limited to golf carts, Segway’s, hover boards and bicycles.   Golf Carts may be operated by anyone 16 years of age and older, providing that person has a valid driver’s license.  Children are strictly forbidden to operate a golf cart.   Carts should always be driven on the cart paths where provided. Cart renters are liable for any damage to the Cart or other property as well as any personal injury caused by the operation of the Cart they have rented.   For safety reasons, carts may not be driven on steep slope areas of the golf course or operated in a reckless manner.   Carts shall not be operated in wooded or rocky roughs, in out of bounds areas, or private property adjacent to the golf course or close to water hazards.   The parking brake must be engaged whenever a cart is parked.   Rented carts may not be taken off club property except where cart paths cross public streets.   Extreme caution should be used when crossing public streets or when operating a cart in the course parking lots.  Use cart paths where provided, keep carts at least 10 yards from all tees and greens. Unsafe or improper operation of a cart will result in the suspension of cart and/or playing privileges.

Pull Carts should be kept off all tees and greens. Use cart paths where provided. Pull carts are not allowed on the tees, greens, or collars at any time.

Food and Beverage Policies

Any alcohol consumed on the golf course property must be purchased and monitored by our State Licensed Concessionaire’s (State Law). Any violators will be asked to leave immediately.

Our Café Vendor is the sole provider of all food and beverages consumed on the course.   Banquet facilities are available.  No outside food or non-alcoholic beverages may be brought onto the Golf Course property for any group of two people or more for personal consumption, unless otherwise approved by the golf course management.    Alcoholic beverages are available from the golf course concessionaire only located in the Clubhouse.  A golfer possessing any alcoholic beverage not purchased through the golf course concessionaire is in violation of state law.   The beverages will be confiscated and the golfer(s) may be asked to leave the premises.

Practicing: Practice Facilities and On the Course

Practice is confined to the practice ranges and practice greens.   Range balls may be used on the practice ranges only and may not be used on the golf course.   Unused range balls and baskets are to be left on the practice tee.  Please check in at the Golf Shop to secure permission to use ranges and/or to rent golf balls.

Errant Golf Ball Policy

The City of Idaho Falls regrets any and all personal injuries or damage to personal property caused by golf balls alleged to have left the golf course property.  Understandably, it is impossible to eliminate the risk of errant balls insofar as it is an inherent risk of the activity.  Accordingly, the Idaho Falls Parks and Recreation Department Golf Courses and the City of Idaho Falls assume no responsibility for any and all personal injuries and damage to personal property caused by errant golf balls.  The following is our policy on all such incidents:

  • All golfers, spectators, and other facility approved participants accept responsibility for their actions while on the golf course property and are notified of such through signage that is displayed on our scorecards, website, and other locations.
  • An individual alleging a loss or damage will be permitted to accompany an employee of the golf course onto the course/range in an attempt to locate the individual who may have hit the errant ball. If one fails to take this option it should be understood that it will be nearly impossible to locate and identify the offender.  Please note, it is NOT the employee’s responsibility to accuse anyone of hitting the ball.
  • It is the responsibility of the parties involved to exchange phone numbers, insurance company information and other pertinent details that you feel are needed. The golf course staff is not responsible to determine its accuracy.
  • A complete report will be made out concerning the incident. Copies will be provided for both parties, and one copy will be retained by the following persons; Director of Golf, Director of Parks and Recreation, and the City of Idaho Falls Controllers Office.

Lost Ball

Players looking for a lost ball have a maximum look time of five (5) minutes. While looking for a lost ball, it would be wise to consider letting the group behind play through if the group ahead is visibly out of range and it becomes obvious that your group will lose it’s position on the golf course.

Starting your round on the Back Nine (Hole #10)

Absolutely no starting on #10 tee without permission from the Golf Shop and also ensuring that you will not cut in front (“cut in front” means that the group on #9 will not have to wait at all for you to complete the play of Hole #10 by the time they arrive at the 10th tee) of any group coming up the 9th hole at anytime.

Groupings Policy

The Golf Shop Staff will, if at all possible, combine smaller groups into foursomes or re-sequence starting times to optimize the pace of play.   Groups of four or smaller are the norm.  Fivesomes may be approved by the Golf Professionals when they will not impact the pace of play.   Players in fivesomes must maintain the pace of play or they will not be allowed to play.

Care of the Course & General Etiquette Requirements

Please take care of your course. Replace all divots, repair ball marks on our putting greens, and rake bunkers after use.  Players are expected to conduct themselves in a manner appropriate for a golf course. Rudeness, excessive displays of anger or frustration, disrespect for others and foul language are examples of conduct that will not be tolerated.  Players and spectators behaving inappropriately as judged by golf course staff may be removed from the grounds with no warnings. Law enforcement will be notified of all unlawful incidences and occurrences.

Pace of Play Policy

To enable all golfers’ access to an enjoyable round of golf, every player must adhere to the following time limits.  Golfers who are unable to play within the described time limits should seek advice from the professional staff on the best times for them to play.  The professional staff is happy to help analyze a golfer’s manner of play and help them learn to keep pace and understand
“ready golf” ideas.  In order to accommodate the desire of our golfing patrons to play their round of golf at a reasonable pace, we will enforce the following:

  • 5 Holes should be completed in a maximum time of 1 hour 10 minutes
  • 9 Holes should be completed in a maximum time of 2 hours
  • 18 Holes should be complete in a maximum time of 4 hours
  • Regardless of whether or not your group is playing within these time guidelines, if there is an open space ahead of your group, and the trailing group immediately behind you is constantly waiting, you must let them play through. Do this as many times as necessary during the round.
  • How to let a group play through:
    • During the play of a hole: Stand to the side of the fairway, etc. and signal the trailing group to play through (be careful to not get hit by their golf balls). As soon as the trailing group hits their shots, you should continue hitting your shots as the trailing group approaches; then once again, stand to the side, let them play through and then wait to hit until they are out of range (the point is don’t just stand around waiting for them to catch you).
    • If you are on the next teeing ground: If you decide to let the trailing group play through as you are on the next teeing ground do the following. First, have everyone in your group tee off. Then, as the trailing group approaches, motion for them to play through. As soon as they tee off, follow them down the hole allowing them to hit their shots. As soon as they are out of range, continue playing the hole.
  • Everyone must have their own set of clubs. This policy helps speed up play because when sharing a set of clubs golfers are constantly delaying play when they need to change or exchange clubs with one another.
  • If you are playing 18 holes, do not take a break after the first nine (9) holes. Immediately continue on to the 10th hole (the back nine) so you do not disrupt the play of the groups behind you. If you are in need of refreshments or food, grab them and go. For your convenience, you may order burgers or such by calling the Clubhouse Café’s at (Pinecrest 701-9275),  (Sand Creek 701-9276), (Sage Lakes 701-9277).  Golfers stopping for more than five minutes between the ninth and tenth holes have lost their position on the golf course and must be restarted by the golf course staff.  Restarting a group of golfers who have lost their position is dependent on the volume of play on the course and may take up to several hours.
  • We have three to four basic sets of tee markers (the place from which you start golfing at on each hole) at our three courses.  Each set of tee markers is identified by different distinct colors:  Play the set that helps your current ability to play the game (we recommend the more forward sets of markers for most new players as the course plays a bit easier from the shorter distances).
  • Player Assistants and Golf Course Staff are authorized to ask slow groups to pick up and advance to the proper position on the course and or to move aside and let faster players play through.   If the request is denied, the slow group will be asked to leave the course for the day.
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