Dear Golfer,

Welcome to the 2016 golfing season. I’m excited to be back on the course with old and new friends. Our registration day will be April 26 at 9:00 AM.   This is a time to meet with old friends and get acquainted with new members.  Our treasure will be available to collect this year’s dues and get you signed up for the season (You may pay your dues any time before this date at the pro shop at Pinecrest).  If you would like to play golf on the 26th, please contact Pinecrest for a tee time. This is a city wide free golf day for anyone, including league members, who brings 3 cans of food for the food bank.  This might be a good time to invite a friend to join you.   Our fees remain the same as last year.

$60.00 Full Membership – includes handicap fee and eligibility for IFWGA Lady’s day play, Club Championships and invitationals.

$30.00 Membership only – offers full membership privileges for those who pay their handicap fee at another course.

$35.00 Handicap Only –includes handicap and eligibility for invitationals but excludes eligibility for IFWGA Lady’s day play and Club Championships.

The league’s first official day is Tuesday, May 3 at 9:00AM at Pinecrest.   Sign-up sheets for May 3 at Pinecrest and May 4 at Sandcreek will be available at the registration day 4/26.    Remember that Pinecrest is always a shotgun start and Sandcreek and Sage lakes will be  tee times.   Tee times during May and September will begin at 9 AM at all courses.   During  June, July, and August play will begin at 8 AM.

Looking forward to seeing all of you on the 26th.    Susan Nelson 2016 IFWGA President   524-1564


Women’s Lady Day Schedule 2016

UTAH-IDAHO TOURNAMENT  – (Click on Title for Results)

CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS  (Click on each Title for Results)

INVITATIONALS  (Click on each Title for Results)

LADIES DAY RESULTS     (Click on dates for Results)






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