Idaho Falls Junior Golf Association

Short-Course-Juniors-2The Idaho Falls Junior Golf Association is composed of approximately 550 local kids ages 17 and under that enjoys playing the game of golf. In order to be a member, the kids must pay their annual membership dues of $35.00 and attend a yearly mandatory etiquette and rules seminar. Once a member, the junior is allowed to participate in the following activities. First, the opportunity to play nine holes at Pinecrest, Sandcreek, and Sage Lakes on scheduled “Monday Junior Days.”  Secondly, members are allowed to play the Short Course at Sandcreek unlimited times during the season. Finally, the season is culminated with the annual awards banquet where trophies are presented to the top boys and girls who participated in the Junior Club Championship. Interested individuals should contact any of the local golf pro shops.  Finally, if  you know of a junior who may have financial difficulty in joining this association please let us know as the Idaho Falls Elks Lodge does provide some funding for this program.

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